After years of taking care of 500,000 parcels each day and ensuring that they reach the intended recipients, we’ve learned to transform most types of distribution problems into efficient logistics solutions

All companies in the Nordic region – and the rest of the world – can rely on PostNord’s unique expertise and experience in providing secure, rapid parcel and pallet transports. Within the Nordics. To the Nordics. And from the Nordics. To companies as well as to private individuals. With expedited speed or at a slightly slower pace. And with a range of e-services interwoven with our logistics solutions to make the company’s day-to-day operations easier. Track and trace from door to door, text message notification and rapid, efficient web solutions for orders and management of shipping documents.

Just as reliable and efficient to Copenhagen as to Cassis

With PostNord, you can reach two million businesses and 25 million people every day in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. And thanks to our own efficient infrastructure in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany – and partnerships with the well-reputed, worldwide DPD network – we offer rapid, reliable parcel transports to and from the entire world.

We are happy to take care of everything that steals time and money

Some see PostNord solely as a distributor – but more and more are also using us to make many other elements associated with the handling of goods much easier. Everything from tariff issues and goods clearance to repackaging and delivery to the end consumer. Everything from assistance with renting warehouses to using our InNight transports as a rolling warehouse.



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